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Baltimore, MD.- Less than two miles from I-95 sits the Knockout Fitness Gym.

Recognized throughout the beltway area as an elite training facility, Knockout Fitness offers boxing, fitness and women’s programs with top trainers leading the courses. Voted as runner up for Baltimore’s best overall gym, the full-sized facility’s staff includes professional fighters, national champions, Olympic hopefuls, college stars and other fitness masters. Head trainer Jason Nissley received the award for top personal trainer and best group fitness instructor from Best of Baltimore Magazine.

 Knockout Fitness is also proud to help others.

 A percentage of proceeds from amateur boxing shows, 50/50 raffles and other events have assisted Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) and Show Your Soft Side. For the Show Your Soft Side campaign, which was created to combat animal abuse in Baltimore and has many area celebrities involved, owner and trainer Chris Nissley was personally asked to assist.

In October, Knockout Fitness is planning a fundraiser for the Fair Girls charity and is working on assisting the Ronald McDonald House.

In addition to their gracious charitable contributions, Knockout Fitness partnered with the "Waterfront Partnership" to do free boxing boot camp classes at Rash Field and also at the Harbor East Fit Expo, where routines were performed on stage in front of a large crowd.

“Knockout Fitness isn’t your average boxing or fitness gym,” said Chris Nissley. “We’re trying to change the way people look at the industry and our involvement with the community on multiple levels is something we pride ourselves on. From the standpoint of the gym, we place an equal emphasis on every program, so everybody that comes into Knockout Fitness can have a great experience. Unlike a lot of gyms with boxing training, our goal isn’t to make everybody a future world champion but rather to get the most out of an individual as possible, even if their goal is to use boxing training simply for fitness purposes.”

Athletes that currently serve as trainers or prepare for competition at Knockout Fitness include 7-time national champion and 2012 Olympic hopeful Franchon Crews, local wrestling legend/2013 Golden Gloves Champion Jerome Featherstone, Super Bowl XLVII Champion Adrian Hamilton, and unbeaten professional boxer Glen Dezurn.

For more information on training, classes and upcoming events, call 443-703-9260 or go to


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